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A Modern Approach to Authentication and Securing Identity

Conditional Access Anywhere: An adaptive and threat-aware solution for preempting threats and understanding identity everywhere

A Conditional Access Platform to Ensure Enterprise Security

Preempt delivers a one-two punch for securing identities and preventing threats like credential compromise and targeted attacks. We help enterprises optimize their identity health posture to reduce their attack surface and preempt threats in real time. Our patented technology continuously analyzes, adapts and responds to threats based on identity, behavior and risk to auto-resolve incidents.

Preempt Threats With Conditional Access

  • Verify access and block untrusted authentications
  • Apply policy based on behavior and risk
  • Adaptive response options: MFA, Allow, Block, Isolate, Authorizer, and more
  • Enable tighter control over privileged users
  • Instantly enable MFA for any app or resource
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Continuous Threat Detection

  • Baseline trusted/untrusted access through analysis of live authentication traffic combined with SSO, Cloud Directories, and more
  • Detect threats with continuous analysis of identity, behavior and risk
  • Detect behavioral anomalies, credential compromise, lateral movement, privileged access abuse, and more
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Understand Identity Everywhere

  • Instantly auto-classify all identities – users, service accounts, privileges, endpoints – to see all access activity on-premises and in the cloud
  • Optimize identity hygiene and reduce risk with continuous insights into weak passwords, stealthy admins, and more
  • Quickly uncover Active Directory vulnerabilities
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By the Numbers

Clients and Analysts Report:


Increase in SOC Efficiency

Top 3

Leading Vendor for Security Analytics


Customers Get Value On Day One

Why Preempt?

Customer Value On Day 1

Self-Install Within 2 Hours

Immediately understand your authentication footprint and the Identity health posture

One Platform, Any Environment

Apply conditional access across complex Enterprise environments on-premises, hybrid and cloud

Increase Efficiency of Security Operations

Preemptive blocking and auto resolution of incidents reduces risk and the number of incidents to investigate

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What people are saying about us

Preempt’s platform is “one of the most interesting and powerful to hit the infosec market in years.

Garrett Bekker, Principal Security Analyst

451 Research

We looked at least four other solutions and no other allowed us to be able to block and respond to threats in real time. This was the driving factor for us selecting Preempt.


Large Insurance Association

We continue to be impressed by Preempt’s approach, which effectively unifies visibility and user access across all platforms while continuously and adaptively preempting cyber threats and risk. The Preempt Platform is as a top solution for threat detection and breach resolution.

David Monahan, Senior Analyst

EMA Research

Preempt’s adaptive response capabilities will allow us to prevent threats in real-time without additional burden to our security team.

Jim Beers, Director of Information Security

Moravian College

Detection only solutions today are not enough. We needed a proactive solution to help us get ahead of threats. Preempt's approach of being able to adapt and automatically prevent threats based on identity, behavior and risk has provided tremendous value. The ease of deployment and extensibility of its platform also helps enable us as we move to more cloud based applications and infrastructure.

Grant Sewell, Head of Global Cybersecurity

The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company

Cyberthreats are on the rise and not just for corporations – attacks against academics are also increasing. The challenge includes ensuring your institution can be open enough to encourage the free flow of ideas, while still protecting intellectual property and keeping compliant. Preempt can play a big role in finding that balance, particularly in cloud environments.

Lawrence Hudson, Assistant Director for Systems Administration and Operations

Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College

The first tool that you go to is the one you trust the most. For us, it's Preempt.

Henry Mayorga, VP Infrastructure & Security

Baron Capital Group, Inc.

"(Using Preempt Lite) we have seen a lot of value in identifying areas where we can improve AD Security. We were able to reduce privileged and dormant accounts and now have much better visibility into our user account structure."

Brian Clarke, Director of Information Services

Schnader Harrison Segal & Lewis LLP

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