Mar 17
10am PST/1pm ESTam PST/1pm EST


Live Webinar: A CISO’s Perspective on Conditional Access

What is Conditional Access and why is it a key strategy for every CISO?

In an encore presentation of the highest-attended speaker session at Gartner IAM Summit 2019, Intralinks CISO Anjan Bagchee will discuss using a conditional access approach for reducing risk and improving ROI.

This hands-on, real-world perspective attracted a standing-room only crowd for the entire talk in Las Vegas. Register now to hear a more in-depth discussion and ask your own questions.

You will learn:

  • Conditional Access components
  • Strategies to use conditional access for combining identity, behavior, and risk with real-time responses
  • How to achieve unified visibility of all user and service accounts
  • How to detect and respond to risky behavior and advanced threats in real time
  • How to enable MFA in front of virtually any corporate asset

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