Ping + Preempt: Securing All Access In Hybrid Cloud Environments


Technology Integrations

Ping Integration

Real-Time Security for All Access, On-Premises or In The Cloud

Giving customers the ability to add threat-aware security to all enterprise access — both in the cloud and on-premises — has always been a priority at Preempt.

Preempt and Ping have partnered to give organizations the ability to extend conditional MFA to any network resource and any Ping-federated application, on-premises and in the cloud. This means that legacy, custom, or cloud applications can all be protected with conditional access without the need for agents or customization. Learn more on Ping Marketplace.

Combined with insight into threat, behavior, and risk, these corporate resources are optimized for dynamic security that responds to the appropriate level of risk rather than a blanket, binary policy. Together, Preempt and Ping give customers a dynamic, real-time way to secure login to all their corporate assets.

Learn more below about how Preempt enables customers real-time adaptive security in any environment so that they can safely conduct business, and read the press release.

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Get the Most From Your Ping Deployment

Extend Ping MFA to Any Asset

See how to adaptively trigger Ping MFA based on changing risk or threat context to any asset in the network, including workstations, servers, or custom applications, or in the cloud. Instantly protect all your enterprise assets without the need for agents or customization.

Protect Federated Applications Against Risk

Enforce real-time remediation of risky activity by easily setting  policies based on threats detected by Preempt. Preempt for Ping will dynamically score the risk of a user and enforce the appropriate remediation instantly – ensuring the right level of security every time.

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