Preempt Lite – Instant Insights Into AD Vulnerabilities (For Free!)

How can Preempt Lite help your enterprise become more secure?

Join us for this free, 25-minute webinar to watch a demo of Preempt Lite:

  • Learn how full and continuous insights and analytics will help you analyze your environment for credential-based weaknesses
  • Find out how to auto discover all users, privileges, accounts, devices and behavioral access patterns, whether on premises, in the cloud, or in hybrid environments
  • Get advice on how to implement your own remediation strategies and enforcement steps, or how a simple license change can take it a step further and block threats in real time.
  • Obtain tips on setting up your Preempt Lite deployment to get the most value, and how this free and easy tool can provide immediate value upon installation.

Download the link to watch this free webinar today!